Thomas Seymour was wooing Katherine Parr, widow of Henry VIII. In the postscript of a letter to him (several weeks after Henry’s death), she wrote:

"I would not have you to think that this mine honest good will towards you to proceed of any sudden motion of passion, for as truly as God is God, my mind was fully bent the other time that I was a liberty to marry you before any man whom I know. Howbeit, God for a time, through His grace and goodness, made that possible which to me seemed quite impossible; that is, made me to utterly renounce mine own will, and to cheerfully follow His will. To write all the process of this matter would require much time and great space; therefore, if I live I shall declare it to you myself; and here only say as my lady of Suffolk saith, God is a marvelous man." "By her that is yours to serve and to obey during her life.

"Katherine the Queen"