Companion, Volume I


Companion, Volume II

In two volumes, The Dorothy Dunnett Companion, by Elspeth Morrison, provides quotations, translations, biographies, and historical background, plus maps and genealogies, re-creating at least a portion of Dorothy Dunnett's original research for the Lymond Chronicles and the House of Niccolò series. (More, from the publisher.)

The indexes presented here are intended to facilitate easier reference between the novels and the Companion. An example of how I might use this index: I am reading Part One, Chapter I of The Game of Kings. I look up several English, French and Latin quotations in the Companion, as well as entries for Attila and Torquemada. But when I consult the index, I realize that I have read past references to Midas and to syphilis without realizing that the Companion has relevant entries. Now I can check these Companion entries as well. (Of course, these indexes are probably useful only if you own the Companion.)

Click to see a list of the Companion entries for each of these novels, indexed by chapter:

Series: The Lymond Chronicles

  1. The Game of Kings Companion Index
  2. Queens' Play Companion Index
  3. The Disorderly Knights Companion Index
  4. Pawn in Frankincense Companion Index
  5. The Ringed Castle Companion Index
  6. Checkmate Companion Index

Series: The House of Niccolò

  1. Niccolò Rising Companion Index
  2. The Spring of the Ram Companion Index
  3. Race of Scorpions Companion Index
  4. Scales of Gold Companion Index
  5. The Unicorn Hunt Companion Index
  6. To Lie with Lions Companion Index
  7. Caprice and Rondo Companion Index
  8. Gemini Companion Index

In addition, these entries apply to all or many of the novels:


See Companion Vol. II


See Companion Vol. I


See Companion Vol. I

weights and measures

See Companion Vol. I

It is unclear which passages in the novels refer to these entries:


See Companion Vol. I (illus. p. 21)


See Companion Vol. I (illus. p. 103)

lateen rigging

See Companion Vol. I

Mína, Castello da

See Companion Vol. I (illus. p. 114)


See Companion Vol. II, "food"