Baron CulterEdit

This title was held by the first Francis Crawford. It was granted to him by the Scottish Crown.

Gavin Crawford, second Baron Culter, inherited the barony from his father in 1529 when his father died,and held it until his own death, sometime between 1545 and 1547.

Richard Crawford, third Baron Culter, held this from the time of his father's death, until created Earl Culter by Mary de Guise c1557. The Baron title was superseded by the senior title.

Earl CulterEdit

Richard was granted the title Earl Culter (Earl is a step up from Baron in the hierarchy of peerages) by the Dowager Queen, Mary de Guise, c1557 for services to the crown.

Baroness CulterEdit

The wife of Baron Culter is Baroness Culter. Sybilla Semple was technically known as Baroness Culter after her marriage to Gavin, the second Baron. When he died, she became the Dowager Baroness Culter. When Mariotta married Richard, she became Baroness Culter. However, the title Baroness is rarely used: instead Sybilla is known as Dowager Lady Culter, and Mariotta as Lady Culter.

Countess CulterEdit

Mariotta becomes Countess Culter when her husband becomes Earl Culter. However, she is usually referred to as Lady Culter.

Lord Culter, Lady Culter, Dowager Lady CulterEdit

Lord is a form of address. Dukes, Earls, Marquises, Viscounts, Earls and Barons are all lords, so Richard is often referred to simply as Lord Culter, instead of Baron Culter or Earl Culter. Similarly, Mariotta is known as Lady Culter, rather than Baroness Culter or Countess Culter; and Sybilla is often referred to as Dowager Lady Culter, rather than Dowager Baroness.

Master of CulterEdit

This is the courtesy title granted to the heir. Gavin Crawford would have become Master of Culter when his father was created Baron. When Gavin became Baron, the title of Master of Culter passed to Richard. When Richard became Baron, the title would have passed to his younger brother Francis Crawford, his heir, except that Francis Crawford was an outlaw at the time. So, although Lymond is referred to during Game of Kings, he does not hold that title until the end of the book when his outlawry is rescinded. He then holds the title until the birth of Richard's son Kevin, who assumes the title. John Maxwell, the Master of Maxwell, is similarly the heir to a noble title. The title of "Master" is a Scottish title, that does not appear in the English nobility.

Comte de SevignyEdit

This is the French title given to Francis Crawford by the King of France. This title (Count) is the equivalent of the Scottish title 'Earl', and so Francis Crawford, when Comte de Sevigny, is senior in rank to Richard until Richard is created Earl Culter.