Those marked “(H)” are recorded in history.

Knights Hospitaller of St John Edit

France Edit

Ireland Edit

Scotland Edit

  • (H) Walter Kerr of Cessford and (H) John Kerr of Ferniehurst, heads, respectively, of the two main branches of the important Scottish lowland family of Kerr, at feud with the Scotts

England Edit

Turkey Edit

  • (H) Dragut Rais, Anatolian corsair in Turkish service
  • (H) Salah Rais, corsair in Turkish service and joint lieutenant with Dragut
  • (H) Sinan Pasha of Smyrna, General in command of Sultan Suleiman’s expedition
  • (H) The Aga Morat, Lord of Tagiura and ally of the Sultan Suleiman
  • Salablanca a Moor from Spain enslaved by the Knights
  • Güzel, companion to Dragut Rais
  • Kedi, a nurse

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