early 1547 Edit

[28 Jan] Henry VIII, King of England, dies, succeeded by his son, Edward VI (Vp30).
btw Jan/Nov Gideon Somerville and family move from London to near Hexham — “[o]n Henry?s death” (Vp186).
[31 Mar] Francis I, King of France, dies, succeeded by his son, Henry II (Vp30).

August 1547 Edit

early Aug Richard and Mariotta’s wedding — “after three weeks of marriage” (Vp86) they are separated by the news of war, c late Aug / 3 Sep.
Aug Lymond enters Edinburgh “on a warm August night” (Vp11). “At ten-thirty,” he returns to Mungo?s (Vp13).
Aug (One day after Vpp. 11-16??) Sack of Midculter — “in the late summer of 1547” (Vp18), “midafternoon” (Vp25) under “[t]he August sun” (Vp25); at least “a fortnight” (Vp36) before Johnnie Bullo reunites with Lymond’s men on 13 Sep; “It’s the gypsies who were in Culter last August” (Vp142).
late Aug / 3 Sep? Richard leaves Midculter “to join the army in the east” (Vp78) — “two sleepless, congested days” (Vp78) after the Sack of Midculter; and see ref. to “upheaval of the last three weeks” (Vp78), that is, up to 24 Sep.
c 9 Sep “[T]he baby [Queen Mary is sent into] hiding with her mother” (Vp75) — “[f]or a week” (Vp75) before Tom Erskine returns to Stirling 16 Sep. Same time or soon after (?), “Mariotta and Lady Culter [go] to be at their side” (Vp75).
10 Sep (Sat) Battle of Pinkie field (Vp35).
11 Sep (Sun) George Douglas (Vp84) captures Jonathan Crouch — “two days ago” (Vp46).
12 Sep (Mon) Bannister leaves from Leith — “yesterday” (Vp46).
Richard Crawford and Tom Erskine move south “to the River Annan” (Vp54) with their troops — “on Monday” (Vp67).
13 Sep (Tue) Will Scott arrives at Lymond?s headquarters — not “just to pass a dull Tuesday” (Vp38).
“On the same day,” an English army occupies Annan (Vp35).
”Much later,” (Vp44) Lymond and Will leave for Annan, arriving after “sunset” (Vp44), after “[d]arkness fell” (Vp44).
“So while the spirits of my lords Wharton and Lennox were being mortified in Annan,” (Vp55) Richard Crawford captures Bannister.
14 Sep (Wed) Lymond’s men free Bannister — “dawn was still a long way off” (Vp55).
Lymond’s men move to Peel Tower — Turkey Mat: “We’re moving on tomorrow anyway; and I hope to God it’s to the Tower.” (Vp36) Lymond: “I shall be back before dawn. Then we move to the Peel Tower.” (Vp44) (Presumably they stick to this schedule.)
Sym finds the amnesiac (Vp60) — next day “was Thursday, the 15th of September” (Vp67).
14/15 Sep Culter and Erskine surprise Wharton and Lennox’s army, drive it “back to England” (Vp72).
14-17 (?) Sep Will Scott: “I was on my back for four days” “after the skirmish with Culter and Erskine” (Vp174)
c 14-21 Sep “[T]he Culter men spent an enlivening week” (Vp86) chasing and harrying Wharton’s army.
15 Sep (Thu) Tom Erskine arrives at Boghall (Vp71); the amnesiac leaves (Vpp71, 73).
16 Sep (Fri) Tom Erskine escorts Christian Stewart from Boghall to Stirling — “[i]t had taken all Friday” (Vp74).
19-23 Sep Reports of English army’s withdrawal — “On Monday, … On Tuesday and Wednesday, … Thursday and today, …” (Vp75).
19 Sep (Mon) Christian sends “a message to Sym” (Vp83) via Dean Adam Peebles — “[h]e went last Monday” (Vp81).
20 Sep (Tue) Sym “go[es] to the cave” (Vp83), meets the recovered amnesiac for the appointment made the previous Thursday — “[c]ome to this cave on Tuesday” (Vp73).
23 Sep (Fri) Tom Erskine speaks to Buccleuch and travels from Stirling to Lake Menteith — “today,” that is, Friday (Vp75).
Richard, his mission along the western Border completed, “turned back north for Midculter on Friday, September 23rd,” (Vp87).
24 Sep (Sat) On Inchtalla, Mariotta, Sybilla, Erskine, and Andrew Hunter converse about Richard, Lymond, and George Douglas — “next day” (Vp77) after Erskine arrives.
Young Queen Mary meets a stranger, is later questioned about him by her mother, Sybilla, et al. — “[t]he next day” (Vp79) — AMBIGUOUS, but seems to mean after Erskine met Christian “last night” (Vp79), NOT next day after the conversation on Inchtalla.
Christian meets the recovered amnesiac — apparently about the same time (?) as Queen Mary’s debriefing on Vpp. 79-82, since she is not present there.
25 Sep (Sun) Richard escorts Agnes Herries from Morton, headed toward Stirling — “[o]n Sunday afternoon” (Vp87). Fording the Nith, they are unhorsed — “[o]n Sunday” (Vp86).

October 1547 Edit

bef/on 11 Oct Will Scott stringing his bow, singing and reflecting, “a month” (Vp96) after joining Lymond on 13 Sep.
11 Oct (Tue) “[O]n the high road to Scotland,” (Vp100) — “the Carlisle road” (Vp178) — Lymond stages an ambush and rescue of John Maxwell, spends the rest of the night at the Ostrich Inn — two nights before the raid on Hume.
12 Oct (Wed) Plans and preparation for the raid on Hume (Vpp99-102) — “[a]t dusk tomorrow night, a supply train of wagons …” (Vp102).
13 Oct (night) Raid on Hume Castle (Vpp102-19), incl. arrival of the Spanish captain, Don Luis de Cordoba — chronology fixed by p. 120 (see under 15 Oct).
14-15 Oct “Drinking went on for two days after the barrels [from Hume] were broached.” (Vp119)
15 Oct (Sat) Lymond visits George Douglas — “breakfast time on the second day” (Vp120) after the raid at Hume.
George Douglas “send[s] one of [his] secretaries to Ballaggan” (Vp123); “Sym Penango, Sir George Douglas’s secretary” (Vp128), delivers the message — on “the middle Saturday of the month” (Vp125) of October.
Lymond captures Jonathan Crouch
late Oct “the October Papingo Shoot” (Vp143), same day as the Wapenshaw and Sterling fair.
late Oct? Lymond: “There’s a gentleman I have to meet on the Carlisle road on Friday [after Wapenshaw].” (Vp160)
late Oct? Christian: “On Tuesday [after Wapenshaw]. If Lord Culter can travel. All the Crawfords and Agnes are going back to Midculter: I shall go with them, and then on to Boghall until Christmas.” (Vp158)

November 1547 Edit

early Nov Mariotta speaks with Janet Beaton of her dissatisfaction with Richard’s constant absence — “That was at the start of November.” (Vp190)
Nov “?Very soon [after the start of November], the first parcel of jewellery arrived” (Vp190), anonymously, for Mariotta. Then, “a week later, a second packet.” (Vp190) And a third arrives “several days” (Vp190) before Sybilla returns from Branxholm (which would seem to have been 12 Nov, but conceivably could have been anytime before 19 Nov).
11 Nov (Fri) “Today, a morose and pallid Friday in November” (Vp164) (almost four weeks after Lymond captures Crouch; see 14 Nov)
Sybilla: “Janet, you’re bid to Midculter tomorrow week. We are to have a dissertation on the Philosopher’s Stone.” (Vp166) Sybilla stays the night at Branxholm (Vp167).
14 Nov (Mon) “Three days later [after Richard leaves Branxholm, Vpp. 163-167]” (Vp168); “Four weeks have passed since I [Crouch] left Ballaggan in your [Lymond’s] company” (Vp170).
Scene at the Ostrich — pp. 175-86 — is the same night. “It’s now mid-November.” (Vp180)
19 Nov (Sat) Johnnie Bullo's first “dissertation on the Philosopher’s Stone” at Midculter. Sybilla, on 11 Nov, says: “Janet, you’re bid to Midculter tomorrow week.” (Vp166) And Johnnie Bullo, on 14 Nov, says: “I’m going to Edinburgh this Saturday” (Vp174), but in fact he has stayed at the Ostrich and “go[es] to Midculter the following Saturday” (Vp191), while his gypsies go to Edinburgh.
29 Nov (Tue) Gideon Somerville meets Lord Grey at Norham — “on the last Tuesday in November” (Vp186).

December 1547 Edit

early Dec? Lymond: “In two or three weeks’ time [from 14 Nov], the Earl of Lennox is due at Carlisle, and if affairs are favourable, he’ll try another experimental march into southern Scotland.” (Vp180)

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