Part One: The Vulgar Lyre1-94
. The Fork Is Chosen3-4
. Ch. I: Silent in the Boat5-11
. Ch. II: Dieppe: The Pitfalls and the Deer12-27
. Ch. III: Rouen: The Nut Without Fruit28-42
. Ch. IV: Rouen: Fine, Scientific Works Without Warning43-61
. Ch. V: Rouen: Fast Drivings for the Purpose of Killing62-75
. Ch. VI: Rouen: The Difficult and the Impossible76-94
Part Two: Dangerous Juggles95-194
. Ch. I: Rouen to St. Germain: The Inexpugnable Drone97-112
. Ch. II: Blois: Red Tracks in the Wood113-27
. Ch. III: Aubigny: Boldness of Denial128-38
. Ch. IV: Blois: All the Mean Arts139-47
. Ch. V: Blois: Wickedness Is the Rule148-70
. Ch. VI: Blois: The Forfeited Feast171-94
Part Three: London: The Excitement of Being Hunted195-287
. Ch. I: Blois: The Mill in Motion197-216
. Ch. II: Amboise: An Accident Happens217-27
. Ch. III: Blois: Distress Is Not Released228-39
. Ch. IV: London: Wolves All Around Him240-53
. Ch. V: London: The Intentional Betrayal254-66
. Ch. VI: London: The Nettle and the Venom267-80
. Ch. VII: London: Pledge to Fasting281-87
Part Four: The Loan and the Limit289-432
. Ch. I: Dieppe: Illegal After Screaming291-98
. Ch. II: Angers: Boarshead and Apple299-316
. Ch. III: Châteaubriant: A Bed-Tick Full of Harpstrings317-48
. Ch. IV: Châteaubriant: The Price of Satire349-69
. Ch. V: Châteaubriant: Proof, Without Love or Hatred370-401
. Ch. VI: Châteaubriant: Satin and Scarlet402-32